The Kiosk for a Smarter New Office.

PRODUCT / Digital Experience

Huge is a full service digital agency providing business strategy, design, marketing and technology services to some of the world’s largest businesses and best-known brands. Huge DC was moving into a new office workspace and there was general excitement for the new space throughout the company. The team decided we needed to enhance our experience and leverage the excitement in productive ways for our employees. As a result, we decided to integrate new digital experiences into the upcoming office relocation to NOMA.

Using the assistance of local API, we created a transportation kiosk, to give employees useful info of knowing/understanding the best way to commute (to and from work) home, right from their work station. Paying for Uber vs Lyft became 1.7x easier simply by checking the kiosk.

Huge DC wanted to introduce the transportation kiosk to harness all the excitement around commuting to the new office. We kept the company spirit while ensuring we commit to our heavy emphasis on simplicity and sophistication, all from a distant perspective.

Every employee’s commute is unique. Not all employees work the same schedules. There’s lots of variables that need to be factored into employee commuter experience. Recognizing the different variables, we reexamined every element and numerous scenarios to make the kiosk not only useful but also a pleasant experience. For example, we added a ‘night mode’, to bring humor to the late work hours.