It is Time to Feel Good about Getting Old.

WEBSITE / Digital Experience

Pfizer wanted to find new ways to engage its community while expanding the Get Old’s campaigns reach. was the destination for articles relaying the message that getting old is not a bad thing, it is actually the next great phase of life 👴🏾👵🏾.

We revamped their site and social channels to engage more with the community while connecting with a new generation through a series of micro-sites.

The copy and design took a lighthearted approach to discussions around common qualities about aging. For example, things like sex, memory loss and caregiving were discussed. Our focus was to empower and inspire 30+ year olds to shift their perceptions of aging.

We activated our community by offering simple, inspirational quotes that are inherently shareable. Users were asked to pick a topic and then select a quote that made them laugh or think. They were then presented with a simple message they could then share with friends.

To my surprise, our very mature demographic gave us almost 36,000 social shares🥳.