Shopping Streamlined at 5G Speed.

RETAIL / Digital Experience

Verizon wanted to streamline the customer experience and operational costs of their stores. For a company priding itself on technology and a digital first mantra,, its hardware and user experience were outdated and cumbersome. The inconsistency in what customers experienced versus what they were expecting resulted in falling utilization, poor Net Promoter Scores, and over-reliance on pesky sales rep.

Things needed to change. My team at AKQA was brought in to make that change happen. We created a new service model called the Express store. The new store format supplements traditional Verizon stores by offering customers an option of speed and convenience.

In order to test and optimize the design, we transformed one of our conference rooms into a prototype store. Verizon stakeholders had a chance to visit and help refine the experience further. Combining Verizon stakeholder’s expertise and experience with our creative vision and strategy we revolutionized the in-store interactions and improved the overall customer experience. The Verizon in-store experience is the model of best use case for telecom companies today.

Our goal was to solve problems for Verizon customers within 10 minutes. We created our 100in touch screen display to as an extension of our smaller customer kiosks. Having a consistent, flexible system helps customers toggle between the XL Touchscreen and Kiosk experience. Research showed an average of 85% of testers were able to complete their tasks within 10 minutes.