This is my personal highlights page, showcasing my ability to provide stragetically-driven freelance projects and concepts I explore while the New York Knicks are not playing.

NCTA: The Near Future.

EVENT / Digital Experience

Following our re-brand of NCTA’s visual identity, we were commissioned to deliver the identity for an upcoming live event that embodied the new vision of who they are: futuristic, disruptive and dynamic. With the theme in place, we wanted to maximizing the impact of messaging. It was critical that the conference visuals excited and energized event attendees around this idea of the future, while still feeling cohesive with the larger NCTA brand.


BRANDING / Digital Experience

HueCapital also known as HueCap, a DC based agency is here to provide creative opportunities. For us, it was critical that HueCaps’s brand and content captured authentic journeys for the young minority creative. Over the next few months, we crafted narrative and various visual identity elements that brought a bold spirit of youthful entrepreneurship to the brand. We started the process of distinguishing HueCap as a truly inspiration minority creative destination. 


Digital Experience

We created a rich storytelling experience for the Young President’s Organization’s upcoming event.

The Rell World

PRODUCT / Digital Experience

We helped relaunch the brand through a bold new look, spanning all of their channels — building excitement for the brand and a following from the ground up.